MediSound (2019)

Ogilvy Healthworld London

Designing a system for the future of healthcare communication.

MediSound is an ASMR* podcast channel where patients and the general public can access to medical information efficiently. MediSound provides a relaxation treatment for any patients while receiving clinical information.

We want this podcast to be accessible to any patients. Medical terminology can be confusing and challenging for most patients. Users that have dyslexia or English as their second language would prefer listening rather than reading the whole passage. The website also provides a transcript for patients with hearing impaired.

*ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) is a sensation people get from voices that tingles their back of necks. Smooth and soft voices are used in this podcast allowing the user to feel less stressful.

Concept and system idea:
Lewis Fry, Dun Lee, Maya Kubota and Jess Li

Logo design:
Lewis Fry and Maya Kubota

Cover design:
Maya Kubota

Website design:
Jess Li

Sound editor:
Dun Lee

Dun Lee and Lewis Fry

T-shirt design and silkscreen:
Maya Kubota, Lewis Fry and Jess Li

Logo designs that can be versatile

Podcast cover designs

The ASMR Podcast can be found on SoundCloud. The normal version is also available for patients with visual impaired. Since medical term can be difficult to spell and pronounce, each trial will have a reference number. Users can search for clinical trial through the numbers. We use colours representing nature which decreases fears and anxious feelings. The transcript is available under the website for hearing impaired. While receiving the information, the users can enjoy the animated sky background.

ASMR podcast can be accessed through SoundCloud. Please wear headphones to experience the tingles. Scan the QR code above or click here to listen to our ASMR Podcast.