This was a project designing book covers from my university in year 1. It was for Penguin Random House UK Student Design Award 2018. From 3 titles, I chose Animal Farm by George Orwell and Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman. Based on the final design for Animal Farm, I made another design for a different title by George Orwell. I chose 1984 because it has a similar concept with Animal Farm. To express the terrifying story of Animal Farm, I used red color and handwritten brush for the title to mimic blood. I used blue for 1984 as the story is colder. I took the idea of Big Brother that citizens are being watched by crossing words that relating to freedom on the back cover.


Animal Farm front cover

animalfarm front cover


Animal Farm back cover

animalfarm back cover
FINAL Animal Farm 2



1984 front cover

1984 front cover

1984 back cover

1984 back cover

edited final 1984

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