Truth and Lie


There is a lot of stories, gossips, news, and data that we can get it easily in this fast and modern world. But do we really trust them? Information from media is not always telling the truth, so how can we find out what is factual and what is fictional information, and how can we distinguish between truth and lies?

We are living in a modern society in which freedom and individuality become a priority, however, I still believe that censorship and manipulation still exist in this current world. Moreover, it seems that several people are trusting and relying on the media as the  “official” information. We should start to be more suspicious on what we hear and see.

I explored the mechanism of belief in order to understand what truth and lie are. Moreover, I looked at how feelings of authenticity and trust are inspired through graphic design as well. One example that would help this, is Adbusters, a magazine that uses modern issues and emphasizes the issues sarcastically. From this source, I began to focus on the current issues; how political belief leads and media to censorship and manipulation us.

The aims of this project are to create pieces that can manipulate people and raise awareness of being controlled and affected by the media. The first piece is a publication of disturbing and confusing images. People can only see it when they put the 3D glasses on.



clinton liesblockscolorblocks

The second piece is a digital interaction statement. It was based on Donald Trump’s statement. The text can only be seen clearly using green or red glass. The statement is mixed with 2 contradicted quotes from Donald Trump.

poster dt 1 copy copy_Page_4poster dt 1 copy copy_Page_3

poster dt 1 copy copy_Page_2poster dt 1 copy copy_Page_1


The concept poster


poster all white

Further Research on separate website

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